I believe in the potential humans have to empower themselves.
I believe in their inner wisdom.

Do you have a dream, but no clue how to overcome the blocks that prevent it from coming true?

I guide people to connect to their Inner Power. I guide them to heal their lives (past and present) clearing blocks, identifying their ORIGINAL way to manifest, implementing actions now! that take them to materialize their dreams, creating the life they have dreamt and deserve.

As you live this empowerment process of expressing all your Divinity in all its splendor, let me be your Spiritual Resource!

Angela Maria

All of this work is done through “The Akashic Records”

All of this work is done through “The Akashic Records”

“The Akashic Records” is an energetic universal encyclopedia that store all information about your soul, and all choices you ever made. After accessing these records, I will inform you of the natural Divinity of your soul, from its inception from the Divine source. I will also inform you how, by choice, you have shaped your own experience throughout this life and many others.

With this information you will understand why you are living present life experiences and in this way you won’t continue repeating them. You’ll be able to express your own Divine nature in everyday life as you become more aware of the importance of your daily choices. Making choices that are Re-aligned with your Divinity will help you to manifest your dreams and wishes in this present life.

  • Divine Re-Alignment / Knowing who I am at the soul level
  • Divine Re-Alignment / Co-Creating my life
  • Divine Re-Alignment / Guided by my Spiritual Guides Team
  • Divine Re-Alignment / Relationships
  • Divine Re-Alignment / Business
  • Energy Healing; houses, offices
  • Chakra Analysis

*** It is important for you to know, that I will be able to read ONLY the information that has created blocks and restrictions in this present life due to your past choices!!

Then it goes the bubbles with the explanation

Discover Yourself
on a Soul Level

Your Healthy

Align Your Business
with Your Divinity

Are you
Energetically Balanced?

Divine Re-alignment to Manifest Your Dreams

Be Introduced to Your Spirit Guide Team

Co-create your Life Connect to Your Power

Energy Healing For You and Your Home


From ‘Stuck’ to Living Your Dreams!

• Have you ever seen a person for the first time and you've felt that you already knew them, but had no idea where or when you met?

Have you ever felt attracted to an Historical Period for no apparent reason?

Have you ever been in a situation or place for the first time, and felt you'd been there before?

Have you ever been interested in past lives and what you still carry presently that's blocking you from tapping into your maximum point of Success and Prosperity in all areas of your life?

You feel and deal with these blocks and traumas daily. The point here is, what do you do with them?

Through the Akashic Records, I can help you figure out how to begin this healing journey; clearing those restrictions to achieve your dearest personal and professional goals.


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